The Khoollect Squad Series: meet Sally Elbassir

The Khoollect Squad Series is a chance for us to introduce our community to our most loved digital stars — the bloggers, Snapchatters and Instagrammers — who are setting the pace on and offline. This squad is online, on point and, now, on your radar too. We think you’ll love the worlds of our #thekhoollectsquad as much as we do.

Introducing the lovely Sally Elbassir of Passport and Plates. All the way from Los Angeles, Sally discovers the world through food and travel. Having visited more than 26 countries so far, we can’t wait to see where her next foodie adventure takes her. Welcome to the K-Squad, Sally!

Name: Sally Elbassir

Instagram account: @passportandplates


Where in the world do you live? Los Angeles, CA (most of the time)

What do you #khoollect? Magnets from my travels, and I always bring home a local snack or condiment.

What’s your favourite recipe? Egyptian Koshary

What’s your favourite film? Boyhood

What’s your favourite book? The Alchemist

What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever received? The only thing in life you have 100% control over is how you react to your circumstances.

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Meet the K-squad...

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