In the Khoollect Studio with Rukmini Iyer and Shu Han Lee

The Khoollect Studio has only been up and running for a couple of months, but we’ve already welcomed some super exciting – not to mention extremely talented – guests through the door. This month we had two foodies from quite different backgrounds, pop over to cook, share a meal and natter a bit about their adventures in the industry – Rukmini Iyer and Shu Han Lee.

Both women work in food styling and writing, and have just released their debut cookbooks. Needless to say, we had plenty to chat about in between mouthfuls of amazing food. Read our interviews with Rukmini and Shu to find out more about their shared love of food, their favourite places to eat, and what gets themed revved up and out of bed in the morning!

Check out their delicious recipes for beetroot, leek and celeriac gratin AND dry-tossed noodles with tenderstem broccoli.

Keep your eyes peeled for more guests in the Khoollect kitchen…

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