Khoollect’s hotlist of fashionable Instagrammers

It’s been a week of fashionable musings here at Khoollect and we’ve got all the Instagram action you need to get excited about clothing, style, design, textiles, the industry, and feeling your most confident. Check out our favourite Instagrammers below for getting your fashion fix.

Freddie Harell

Unleash your Confidence with Freddie Harrel
Day job: Blogger, stylist & confidence consultant
Location: London
Get your fix: Style inspiration from Freddie
This queen of style has a feed to swoon over. It’s an insight into her life as a stylist, but mostly the best-ever sneak peak at what Freddie’s been wearing lately.

Kenya Hunt

Kenya Hunt Featured Follower
Day job: 
Fashion features editor for ELLE UK
Get your fix: 
A day in the life of a magazine editor
If you love behind-the-scenes feeds, then Kenya Hunt’s will keep you happy. There’s a host of pics of her day job where she gets to do, see and meet interesting people.

Jem + Bea

Jem and Bea
Day job: 
Baby bags for the discerning mother
Get your fix: 
Quality changing bags for the fashionable woman
Beautiful baby bags as far as the eye can see, made from quality leather and more than suitable to drag between the office and the opera.

Susie Stone

Day job: couture bridal wear designer
Location: London
Get your fix: To-die-for wedding dresses & retro inspiration
Susie’s feed is brimming with gorgeous bespoke wedding garments from her SS15 collection, along with some of her favourite inspiring pics of fashion from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Hilary Grant Knitwear

Rachel's Winter Fashion
Day job: Knitwear designer
Location: Scotland
Get your fix: Cuddly knits and Scottish scenery
Hilary Grant makes some of the most decadent lambswool accessories, including scarves, hats and shawls. Browse her feed for a taste of her latest offerings.

Jim Rosemberg

Follow friday Jim Photographer

Day job: photographer
Location: Paris
Get your fix: Edgy portraits and polaroid shots
Jim’s edgy and thought provoking shots will please any photographer or art lover. A host of great polaroid shots, interesting portraits and captured moments.

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