Khoollect’s hotlist of Korean Instagrammers

Presenting its tourists and residents alike with an exciting combination of natural beauty and sparkling city life, South Korea is a place where fashion-savvy locals parade the streets in a combination of ultra-contemporary and traditional-turned-new wares. We’ve rounded up a collection of Korean Instagrammers whose feeds open this culturally diverse state to the rest of the world:

Ko Hyojoo
Location: Korea and abroad
Get your fix: enviable longboard skills
Making long-boarding look like the easiest thing in the world, Ko Kyojoo’s Instagram account will captivate you with its dreamy videos.

Fashionable Korean Umma
Location: Korea
Get your fix: finely-tuned fashion
This stylish Korean woman is a self-proclaimed fashionista who says she dresses better than her daughter. Naturally, we adore her sass.

Location: Seoul, Korea
Get your fix: sad puppy eyes
This peppy rescue pooch knows how to work the camera as he traverses about his hometown of Seoul.

Soomin Yim
Location: Seoul, Korea
Get your fix: street snaps
Soomin Yim is a street photographer whose candid images take onlookers on a trip to Seoul via their Instagram apps.

Location: Seoul, Korea
Get your fix: Asia’s natural beauty
A film-photography enthusiast residing in Seoul, Lidija’s posts share glimpses of her travels through Korea and beyond.

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