Mastering the art of calligraphy

***Rachel Khoo would like to thank all the inspiring people who helped make the Khoollect studio a hive of creativity. Although the Khoollect studio’s doors have now closed, you can keep up with Rachel’s newest adventures on and on Rachel’s Instagram and Facebook pages – and, continue to enjoy the Khoollect website’s stories and recipes, which will remain available.***

For those of you with handwriting that looks more like a series of messy modern hieroglyphics than the English language, mastering the art of calligraphy probably seems like a completely ridiculous, unattainable goal. So inspirational in fact, that it could be likened to advancing from master of the stick figure drawing to full blown Picasso in the space of just a few days. But, it’s not.

Calligraphy place setting

Quill Workshop’s Calligraphy for Beginners, hosted by calligraphy genius, Megan Kiera, introduces the basics of the art in the least intimidating of fashions. A well structured, clear and concise evening lesson will give you the skills you need to hold the quill correctly (nothing like holding a pencil!), and form your own unique – and very attractive – lettering styles.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, instructor Megan advises regular practice to master your favourite words in a decorative format, and follow-up workshops to hone in on technique.

With Pinterest and bloggers all hopping on the crafting and calligraphy bandwagon, there’s no doubt this is a handy skill to add to your repertoire. Impress your friends with gorgeous handwritten cards and gift tags, and create your own stunning place holders for your next dinner party.

Quill Workshops are London-based only.

Will you be trying your hand at calligraphy? Tell us in the comments below what you think about this lost art, and remember to tag @khoollect in any projects you attempt – it would be great to see your pics.

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