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Some of us gain knowledge by reading, for others it’s surfing the net, but over the past few years my go-to media for learning and entertainment has become podcasts.

I was fairly late to the podcast game, but since discovering them I just can’t get enough. Podcasts have become a real lifesaver for me – I always seem to be short on time, so they satisfy my need to learn, develop my business and also provide much-needed entertainment when I need to switch off for a while. I can listen while working, traveling or pottering around home, and they are an ideal way of staying connected with the world when you’re knees-deep in motherhood with an active toddler to run after.

Here’s 11 my favourite podcasts – I hope you find some that you come to adore:


Emma Gannon started CTRL ALT DELETE to help promote her namesake memoir a few years ago. It has now evolved into its own popular medium, featuring interviews with people from all walks of life, each with their own inspiring story to tell.

2. Table Manners

Jessie Ware and her Mum, Lenny, cook up often chaotic meals for a series of guests ranging from the Mayor of London to Ed Sheeran to Paloma Faith and more. This fun approach to podcasting offers a fun and light-hearted way for the hosts to get to know their guests.

3. The Lifestyle Edit

There are so many aspects to running a business and it’s often a mind-boggling and completely overwhelming game. In her weekly podcasts, Naomi Mdudu interviews successful business women who openly share advice, tips and tools of the trade.

4. In Good Company

Host Otegha Uwagba interviews smart interesting female business women who willingly offer up great advice for those seeking a bit of entrepreneurial inspiration or who just need a bit of help to get better results in their career. You don’t need to be business-minded to relate to this fascinating podcast.

5. Front Row

I find it impossible to keep up with the huge number of amazing arts and culture events happening nearby, let alone shortlist which books to read, exhibitions to attend or theatre performances to catch. This weekday show highlights some of the best around, and features interviews, reviews and more. A great listen to expand your repertoire.

6. Desert Island Discs

Kirsty Young, with her dulcet Scottish accent, dives into the lives of some fascinating people by asking each to select the seven most important records in their life. She has a gentle interviewing technique that often gets the most private guest to open up and share unexpectedly interesting stories and insights.

7. Desert Island Dishes

Not to be confused with the above, Desert Island Dishes host Margie Broadhead asks her guests to share the dishes that have had the biggest impact, or played the most significant role, in their life.

8. Keep it Quirky

Katie Quinn quizzes ‘foodpreneurs’ on what makes their world go round, how they overcome failures and their tips for achieving success.

9. Get it On

Dawn O’Porter digs (virtually) through the closet of her guests to reveal why they wear what they wear, along with their personal quirks. Often LOL funny, this podcast is highly entertaining.

10. The Tim Ferriss Show

Author of the bestselling book, The 4 hour Work Week, Tim Ferris interviews successful people from all facets of society, including outstanding entrepreneurs, business creatives and world champion athletes. Each person shares their personal journey and insightful views on what led to their success, along with coping mechanisms they enlisted along the way.

11. Is it Just Me?

Every week, Jo Elvin and James Williams interview a new celebrity guest about the funniest, weirdest and most pressing dilemmas of everyday life– going about their dry cleaning, abusing the snooze alarm, dealing with social media and more.

Already an avid listener? Tell us your favourite podcasts in the comments below…

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