The flexible office: shared working spaces for nomadic types

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In the not-too-distant past, people with roles best described as ‘office jobs’ would sit under one roof, between the same hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm, and share an occasional spot of water-cooler chatter with their colleagues.

These days, the number of people working flexible hours from remote locations is growing steadily. Take the Khoollect team for example: we’re not only scattered across the UK, but all the way to New Zealand and our Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo is often travelling and working on the road.

For many including those who run their own businesses or aren’t able to commute easily working from home is a suitable alternative. But, not everyone is disciplined enough to work so close to their TVs, fridges and beds. For people that fall into this category, there are benefits to working in a shared office space.

What are the benefits of working in shared offices?

  1.  Avoid distractions:
    Generally, shared working spaces are purpose-built environments where the people around you are there to do a common thing: work. Sometimes, when you’re working from home, house chores and your personal to-do list might tempt you to leave your desk. When you’re in a shared working space, you’re bound to stick to the task at hand.
  1. Make new contacts:
    In a shared office or coworking space, you never know who will be working nearby. If you frequent the same shared office regularly, you might get to know the people around you. Who knows? Your neighbours might even become your collaborators or offer you valuable feedback and advice about your own work.
  2. Create a base:
    Whether you’re looking to implement a solid routine, have somewhere to meet clients and colleagues (without having to do a quick tidy of your home), or just assist your brain in getting in the zone for the day, having a set location to work in can be hugely beneficial to your productivity.

Co-working spaces
We set out to find some of the most appealing coworking spaces in our neck of the woods. Here are three we’d gladly work in:

The Collective
Based in West London, The Doughnut Factory’s beautifully designed indoor and outdoor spaces provide an idyllic spot to meet with collaborators. This hub also hosts events, workshops and support for businesses.

With locations in various cities around the world (including ten in London), wework gives you the option to hotdesk, secure a set space, or even hire a private office with a selection of impressive spaces to choose from.

Nestled in Homerton, East London, Hatch is a working space with a difference. This handy nook brings together a cafe, bar and hotdesk spots, plus dinner dishes from Feest London.

Co-working spaces

Do you hotdesk, or regularly visit a shared working space? Tell us about it in the comments below …

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