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Decorating your apartment or abode, and changing the placement of just a few objects, can give the place a new lease of life and drastically change you dwelling from drab to inviting. Collectible interiors and design consultant, Paola Bjaringer, shares her tips for getting the most out of your living spaces.

Think of your home as a museum

Keep walls and all fixed elements white or light grey in colour. When you want to add pops of colour, focus on mobile objects and furniture. 

Mix very old with very new

Mix very old with very recent design. Place your great grandfather’s cutlery on a contemporary minimalistic concrete coffee table, for example.

My mass hoarding of knives is finally paying off – making their way to a catering event tonight

A photo posted by Frankie Unsworth (@frankie_u) on

Choose your furniture and objects like it’s an actors’ casting

Each object has its own role and conversation with the other objects in your home. Don’t overload your space. Think ‘fewer objects and more script writing’.

Bring in some fresh air

Make sure fresh air can circulate inside your living space. You should have windows opposite windows, or a window opposite a door. It’s important to have an energy route for both humans and objects.

Keep the environment in view

If possible, choose a a space to live where you can see the sky or a tree, even if it’s just a limited view. This is especially important in urban contexts.

Eliminate the TV set

Replace it with a hidden projector on a white wall, or just use your computer. If you absolutely do not wish to throw it away, then think of a clever way to hide it.

Put your effort into textiles

Make your own bed or couch covers, curtains, and pillow cases. If sewing isn’t your kind of hobby, find someone to do it for you, but make sure you choose the textiles. You can also use family textiles such as napkins or tablecloths and give them a new lease on life. The same goes with old family furniture.

Have many vases, mirrors and candles 

These objects add personality and style, without just being clutter.

Shooting the home of one of my oldest and sweetest friends, florist @yolandachiaramello, for my next book. How brilliant is this wall?

A photo posted by Emily Henson/Life Unstyled (@lifeunstyled) on

Be bold and be you

Rather than following design trends, do what speaks ‘you’. Inject your own personality into your interior.

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