Travel mindfully: Lara Miller’s tips for living in the moment abroad

Lara Miller has been on the road since 2014 – she’s a globe-wandering nomad. Having travelled 19 (plus) different countries, enshrining precious memories in photographs along the way, Lara has become skilled in the exercise of packing a bag, catching a flight, and navigating her way around the globe, and most importantly, being mindful of her experiences along the way. These are her tips for living in the moment and making the most of your travels abroad:

Use AirBnB

I have used AirBnB more than 30 times and love it. It has allowed me to experience real living arrangements and have more in-depth conversations with locals.

Learn the language … and be polite!

Learn even just a few words in the local language, and smile! I think ‘thank you’, ‘please’ and ‘good morning’ are very powerful words, and politeness is always a good idea. Residents really appreciate when you go to the effort to say even just a few words and will often help you learn more.

Capture your memories creatively

Capture your travels in creative ways. Some people state that taking photos takes you away from the moment, but for me it imprints it into my mind even more strongly. Whether you write, draw, paint or photograph, I think seeking to transfer some of the essence into record is a good reinforcement of memory and the nuances of the moments.

Don’t overplan

Always leave unplanned time, even in a tight itinerary, so that you can embrace a spontaneous moment – chatting with a local, following a new pathway or lingering in a great food shop.

Use all five senses

Try to use all your senses – even an unpleasant smell of garbage coming up through a drain in New York will contribute to the deeper experience of the moment!

My reading nook for the past two days… Bliss on Mayne Island, Canada. #LoveWalkEatSeeCanada

A photo posted by @lovewalkeatsee on

Rent a room with a kitchen

It is harder to maintain a healthy eating pattern when moving frequently, so we (my husband and I) usually get a place with a kitchen so that we can cook simple, fresh meals and feel more energetic. I find it calming to place that meal on ‘our’ table in some cute Italian town, made with ingredients from the local market and feel a daily life connection.

Change up your pace

We also intersperse fast travel with slow, so that we don’t get burnt out, so if we’ve done a couple of three day city stays, we then stop for a week or more somewhere with a kitchen and local spots to meander through.

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