Stunning heels you can actually walk in

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London’s bustling Columbia Road is best known for it’s busy Sunday flower market, heaving with bunches of freshly picked florals, greenery and heavenly scents. But tucked away behind those flowers, and far more visible on a quiet weekday, is a little boutique stocking some of the most gorgeous shoes you ever did see.

Peponita & Friends is a haven for classically designed shoes for women, with the unique luxury of heels they can actually walk in. Influenced by yesteryear’s popular vintage styles, the shop is full of feminine yet-practical footwear, ranging from the playful to the more conservative. Each season sees a change in colour schemes and styles, so there’s always something to please. Best of all, each item is crafted lovingly by a fifth-generation Italian family of shoe-makers.

Peponita & Friends, Columbia Road

Peponita is always busy, almost heaving, with customers delighting in the wonderful shoes they’ve often accidentally stumbled upon. Owner Sigrid Gelati-Meinert goes out of her way to look after each and every person, taking the same care she does in designing her shoes. She takes pride in bringing together a collective of designers, artists and shoe lovers to contribute accessories to the store. Beautiful handbags, socks and other handy shoe-related items adorn the shelves, all reflecting the same high standard set by the surrounding shoes.

Peponita & Friends, Columbia Road

To find out more about how Peponita was born, read owner Sigrid Gelati-Meinert’s story here. You can also take a look at her tips for caring for your quality shoes as if they were your child.

Peponita & Friends, 160 Columbia Road, London E2 7RG

Find Peponita on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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