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Recipe: Tempting Tiramisu from Cracked Cooked

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If you asked us to write a list of our favourite desserts, (we’d run out of paper pretty quickly) Tiramisu would always be near the top.

Here we have a recipe from Linda Tubby’s Cracked cookbook and for us, it’s as close to the Italian original that we love.

She explains: “For me the important thing is a good strong coffee flavour in a tiramisu – so often this classic Italian dessert is a big let-down as frequently lacking in its namesake ingredient to ‘pick me up’.”

So there you have it…

Tiramisu Recipe:

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Maria Bell

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80g walnuts

100g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)

250ml strong espresso, cooled

100ml coffee liqueur

4 tablespoons calvados

4 medium eggs

85g caster sugar

250g mascarpone

200–250g sponge fingers (boudoir biscuits)

Photography by Ali Allen.


Roughly chop the walnuts and chocolate and whizz in a mini processor to a crumb. Mix the espresso, coffee licqueur and calvados together in a bowl.


Crack the eggs one at a time and separate the whites and yolks into different bowls (see page 5 for how to avoid getting any yolk into the whites). Whisk the whites until the beaters leave patterns in the foam, then add half the sugar a little at a time, whisking between each addition.


Without washing the beaters, whisk the yolks and the rest of the sugar until pale and thick, then whisk in the mascarpone a little at a time until smooth. Fold the stiff whites into the mixture.


Have eight serving glasses lined up and start by dipping two sponge fingers at a time into the coffee mixture and arranging them in a glass, cutting them to fit. Make sure you don’t over-soak the sponge fingers so they break into a mush – they still need a little crunch. Continue to arrange dipped sponge fingers in the other seven glasses.


Divide a third of the mascarpone mixture between the glasses and do the same with the nut and chocolate sprinkles. Continue layering the rest of the dipped sponge fingers, mascarpone and sprinkles in the same way, finishing with the sprinkles on the top. Chill overnight to set. They keep for a few days if kept chilled.


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Diane 4 years ago

Hi! What size servings glasses did you use and how many servings does it make? This looks delicious! Cannot wait to try! Thank you!

Ellen 4 years ago

Is it safe to eat the egg yolks without cooking them?

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