In the swing: why you need to start swing dancing

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As the sounds of Glenn Miller’s ‘In the Mood’ jump from the record player, vintage-inspired shoes tap rhythmically on a wooden floor, while swishy skirts skim past spectators. Swing dancers have all the fun, but they also get the other benefits that come from being part of this community.

We talked to the lively folk behind Swing Patrol about the advantages that come from swing dancing. Here’s what they listed:

Meet new people

Swing dancing is very much about connecting with fellow dancers. You don’t need to know anyone or even bring a partner, so you’ll enjoy meeting lots of new people at different levels of dancing abilities: from beginner to pro. And, they say dancing releases oxytocin too (a hormone that is linked to bonding).

C’mon get happy

Like other forms of exercise, dancing is a social activity that can encourage emotional expression and creativity. As you become a better dancer you can lift your self esteem and even lower stress levels. These benefits combined with meeting new people and listening to fun music can be a real happiness booster.

Swing London

Train your brain

In the moment, swing dancing is all about making quick decisions. You’ll need to interpret signals from your dancing partner and those around you, and quickly respond with your hands and feet. With practice, you can help to sharpen your mind.

Get in shape

It may look like it’s just a bit of fun, but swing dancing is fantastic exercise too. Swinging about on the dancefloor can be a great way to keep in shape, and a glamorous way to gain more energy. We offer ‘Learn to Dance in a Day’ classes, which can be a good place to test things out and see if swing’s for you.


Check out Swing Patrol’s Facebook page, to see what they’re up to now.

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