Minimising wear and tear on your knitwear

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Luxury knitwear designer and producer Hilary Grant is an authority on preserving pristine woollen garments. She’s been in the industry for years, and now sells her luxury lambswool accessories, branded under the same name, in department stores and independent boutiques from Orkney to Osaka. She shares her tips on minimising wear and tear on your knitwear at home.

Hilary Grant's knitwear tips

Avoid spraying with smellies

Spritz perfume away from your woollen clothes. It’s hard to remove the smell, and the sweet scent can attract moths.

Always wash before storing

When you put your knitwear into storage at the end of the winter, make sure it’s clean and fully dried. As above, the odour in the woollen fibres can attracts moths.

At the end of winter, give everything from blankets to mittens a good hand wash. Then store it in the drawers you use most regularly (rather than at the back of the cupboard), so it gets access to fresh air and light.

Freeze and forget

If moths are a real pest where you reside, there’s an easy fix to keep them out of your favourites. Just pop your woollies inside a ziplock bag and store them in the freezer.

Stow items carefully when travelling

When travelling with delicate knitwear, always put your best wool and cashmere sweaters in cotton laundry bags to avoid any abrasion or snagging.

Hand wash to revive

If your favourite wool or cashmere clothing items have lost their shine or shape, a hand wash could be all you need to bring them back to life. You’ll be amazed what an old fashioned wash can do for reviving your knitwear.

Note: Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo is wearing Hilary Grant’s shawl-loki in seafoam.

What are your tips for caring for your woollen garments? Tell us in the comments below.

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