Rachel Khoo’s winter style

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Rachel's Winter Fashion Picks

When the days get colder and the chilly winter air rolls in, Khoollect Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo opts for warm and cosy casuals to brave the overcast London streets.

Rachel usually goes for a playful clash of colours and patterns, but that’s out the window today. Instead she prefers to keep it bold and black using a mash-up of fabrics, textures and a pop of colour to add interest to her outfit. Rachel shares her shopping tips to achieve her dressed-down, winter-comes-to-London look.

Get the look

Most people are used to seeing me in one of my brightly coloured dresses or skirts, matched with a complimentary cardigan in an equally sunny colour. But, bare legs and billowing dresses aren’t the order of the day when you’re cycling around the city mid-winter. During the colder months, I like to keep things practical, casual and above all, warm.

My jeans and leather jacket are both from TopShop, and are staple items I wear over and over again. TopShop is about the only store where I can get jeans to suit my figure – I’m not very tall, so their petite range caters perfectly for my short legs.

The scarf is made by Hilary Grant knitwear. I love the colour, and it’s extra wide and long, so you can wrap it around and around to keep yourself really snuggly and warm. You can read more about Hilary and her amazing lambswool accessories on Khoollect.

The cashmere hat is a basic from Uniqlo. If you can’t find one similar there, then any good department store  should be able to help.

The shoes are by Grenson. I’m being brave and foregoing socks today, but these shoes pair perfectly with hosiery, trousers and all manner of outfits.

What are your winter essentials? Tell us in the comments below or tag @khoollect on Instagram or Facebook.

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