It’s not all stubbies and singlets: Sonya’s Australian fashion favourites

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For many months of the year, dressing in Australia is very much about wearing breathable fabrics that barely touch the skin, slipping on sandals, and twirling one’s hair into a no-fuss bun to keep your neck cool. (This is particularly true in toasty Brisbane, where I hail from.) But, I think I can safely say, on behalf of my countryfolk, that we’re not all partial to wearing Stubbies, singlets and pluggers (flip flops)… at least not every day.

Having lived afloat on this faraway island for most of my life, and being a not-so-hesitant peruser of online stores, I’ve come to know Australia’s fashion brands with a pretty solid familiarity. And although I adore a vintage frock, the sticky, polyester fabrics that often line mid-century dresses tend to mean these items stay put in my wardrobe.

In those few months of the year when we’re not all running under a sprinkler in our swimwear, I’m all about draping myself in the wares of the following clothing makers:


Named for one of my all-time favourite films, Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville, this label is one whose garments parade interesting cuts, celebrating unique details.

Abbey Rich

Handmade in Melbourne, Abbey Rich’s pieces present fun patterns (think hands, plants and paint strokes). I’ve been known to float about in Abbey Rich trousers and skirts in the Khoollect office. Her designs will make you feel like you’re donning wearable art.


This is one label I’ll gladly wear from head to toe. Whether it’s vibrantly coloured socks, dresses that shout ‘holiday!’ or knits perfect for Melbourne wintertime snuggles, Obus is a go-to for effortless style.


A firm favourite amongst women Australia-wide, Gorman is a mecca for stand-out pieces to brighten your wardrobe. I’m a hopeless devotee of the brand’s collaborations, and am spotted in its Walala prints (see photograph above!).


A great store to find your forever pieces, Kuwaii is home to a selection of clothing ranging from casual to occasion for the discerning dresser.

Little Tienda

Whether you’re packing for a summer holiday, or just swanning around at the park, Queensland-based Little Tienda’s dresses and tops will make you feel you’re on your way to Mexico.

Complete the look

And, if you’re looking for fun accessories to accompany your new favourite Australian fashion pieces, allow me to recommend accessories from Each to Own, Emily Greenyippywhippy, Kitsu, Elk Accessories and Rare Rabbit.


Which Australian fashion makers and brands top your list?


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