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For both its diverse local population and its camera-slinging visitors from far-flung destinations, London is an energetic city where inspiration is continually discovered. Known by many for its commonly photographed British icons — think double-decker buses, Big Ben and the red telephone boxes dappled throughout the capital — London is also full of hidden surprises, creative makers and doers, and an ever-growing culinary scene. Its sprawling, flower-laden parks sit pretty against the bustle of the city centre, while historic architectural feats contrast against fashion-forward, progressive locals passing by.

With Khoollect HQ based in London, our curious team is always on the look-out for up-and-coming creative types, our new favourite breakfast and coffee spots, hole-in-the-wall dining experiences and independent boutiques to peruse. Whether you’re here for the weekend or a resident of this neck of the woods, our condensed guide to London will have you dreaming up your next adventure in this part of the world:

Out and about in London

In such a large city with so many places to explore, it can be difficult to narrow your must-visit list down. Luckily, the Khoollect team has been busy gadding about London Town to uncover some of its best hidden treasures. Here’s our ideal day in London:

Londoners love to begin the day with a hearty breakfast or brunch. We suggest glimpsing Clerkenwell Boy’s top London breakfast list to find your perfect starting point. If your preferred breakfast typically consists of a plate of eggs, try London’s egg-only restaurant, Egg Break.

After breakfast, outdoor types partial to greenery, or those who enjoy springtime stroll through the daffodils, can check out our guide to outdoor escapes in East London for an idyllic breath of fresh air (or somewhere to rest off the food coma in peace). Hoping to pick up some unique fashion pieces while you’re in town? We’ve rounded up the top Five spots to get your fashion fix in London.

After a day of walking around, do as the locals do and sip on a brew from a quintessential British tea shop, like Postcard Teas. Then, avoid the post-shopping afternoon slump by topping up on sugar with the enticing chocolate creations of Paul A Young, some rainbow treats from The Meringue Girls, or some decadent doughnuts from Bread Ahead.

Once you’ve refueled, you can step back in time with a trawl through London’s many vintage stores — preferably, partnering any new frock purchases with a pair of heels you can actually walk in. The city is filled with enticing markets, selling everything from homemade cheese to handmade craft wares, so be sure to find your favourite. We recently paid a visit to Maltby Street Market, where you’ll find the likes of Little Bird Gin, refreshing the crowds of market browsers with cocktails to go.

As the evening sets in, whether you’re heading to a dinner party, meeting up with a friend or heading out for a romantic rendezvous, bring fresh blooms from one of London’s flower stalls, like Rebel Rebel.

Come dinner time, London can satiate even the most obscure cravings, with its endless range of restaurants and cafes. Pubs, bars and casual eateries like Kuzu Shish are perfect for low-key meals, while those seeking a slower-paced dining experience over a tipple or two can enjoy London’s abundant multicultural offerings, including dishes from A.Wong’s contemporary Chinese menu.

Next, you can see a concert or theatre performance, take a walk to see the lights of London by night, or imbibe an after-dinner wine at a dimly lit bar in East London. And next? It’s time to consider what to indulge in for breakfast the following day.

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