Imperfectly perfect: Fine Little Day embraces the wobbly lines

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Inspired by life’s flawed details — nature’s imperfections, wobbly children’s drawings and messy hair — Fine Little Day creates imperfectly perfect patterns. Leading this small team of makers is Elisabeth Dunker, a woman with an unrelenting commitment to craftsmanship. We asked Elisabeth about the stories behind Fine Little Day. Here’s what she told us:

Where are you based?

We are based in Gothenburg, and Lindome in Sweden.

We’re big fans of Fine Little Day. How would you describe your work?

Oh I’m glad to hear that you appreciate it! I always get a bit confused when I’m asked to describe our work. On our website, we say that we are ‘a sprawling and happily inconsistent company and blog, with ambitions to create quality design and crafts for children and young-at-heart adults.’ We are a design studio led by me (Elisabeth Dunker) and Ulrika E. Engberg. We love to have a playful attitude towards work, and life in general.

Fine Little Day

What inspires your creations?

We are very fond of the flora and fauna of Scandinavia, which are our main inspiration sources.

What does a typical work day involve for you?

For me, every day is a new day. There are no typical work days or general routines that I follow. Even the creative process looks different each time. And I kind of like it that way, even if things might turn a bit complicated sometimes.

Is there a particular pattern you’re particularly proud of?

I’m very proud of the patterns Ohoy and Mountains, which were drawn by my then, eight-year-old son Otto. Both of the patterns can be found as wallpapers and different kinds of textiles.

Which pattern in your range has been the most popular?

The pattern Gran has been, by far, our most popular pattern throughout the years.

Fine Little Day 2

What do you love most about what you do?

I really enjoy the flexibility and the opportunity to work together with some really great people. I do consider myself hugely fortunate to be able to work on something I would do even if I did not get paid for it.

Is collaboration important to you?

I appreciate working with others, so yes collaboration is important for me.

What’s in the future for Fine Little Day?

Oh, I have really no idea! But I hope that we can contribute something that feels meaningful in some way for others in the future as well.

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You can view more of Elisabeth’s work on the Fine Little Day website, and view her inspirations, including her love of nature (and small obsession with cats), on Instagram.