In the garden with Lyndsey Haskell

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Meet Lyndsey Haskell, an enthusiastic gardener and the force behind beautifully curated online shop and accompanying blog, What You Sow. While Lyndsey’s content with her little inside ‘urban garden’ for now, this green-fingered woman dreams of having her own large patch of dirt some day so she can really hone her gardening.

A friendship struck up via Twitter with Khoollect Deputy Editor Lara Messer (What You Sow fangirl and sometimes collaborator) has landed Lyndsey on our laps. Here’s the lowdown on her venture:

A day in the life

Tell us about a typical working day …

My typical day involves a combination of liaising with suppliers, packing orders, creating online content, talking to journalists and sharing updates, and dealing with correspondence via email or on social media. The best days are the creative days when I’m on a product shoot, attending a workshop or writing a DIY post for the blog. I share a studio above the ONCA gallery in central Brighton with a lovely bunch of creative people and we motivate each other with cups of tea and cinnamon buns as well as lots of interesting chats and ideas.

Garden House Seeds

Lyndsey Haskey Gardening

Where do you find your motivation?

I’m lucky to have an amazing girl gang who inspire and motivate me every single day. We’ll discuss ideas and projects, cook or make things together and share best practices and business knowledge. Brighton also has a close-knit etsy community who get together a few times a month to share best practice and mentor each other.

What about your inspiration?

I find lots of inspiration online. My favourite blogs are Mangia Bene – edible stories from a British Italian kitchen plus a dose of music and lifestyle inspiration – Moral Fibres – my source of guidance on all things eco with the best tagline ever: ‘making sustainability hip not hippie’ and Super + Super – all the crafts plus lots of vegan cooking and baking. I also love What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today – I want to eat everything on this blog – Urban Jungle Bloggers – jam-packed with inspiration on how to get houseplants into your life and A Quiet Style – Emma lives in Brighton too and I haven’t met her yet, but when I do I will just gush over how much I love her blog. The images are stunning and she really lives the seasons.

in the garden with Lyndsey Haskell

Why is collaboration important to you?

Collaboration is a way of creating so much more than you can create on your own. What You Sow has been built on some wonderful collaborations which I feel very proud of. From the shop logo itself to the work I’ve done with photographers to tell a story of what What You Sow is about, each collaboration is a process where both parties were equally involved from the start. One of the most popular has been the catnip seed bombs that Josie Jeffery and I created together.

Best Kept Secrets

I khoollect a few …

I have a fairly substantial collection of houseplants in my home and studio which I have collected over the years. They’ve all come to me in different ways.

What’s your favourite item in your khoollection?

The Aeonium Kiwi that my friend Bridge gave me. The leaves are edged with a gorgeous pink tint making it such a lovely thing to look at. My pal Kate also propagated me a Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides) which is getting to a decent size now. I’d been on the lookout for one for ages and it was a lovely surprise to get my very own tiny stem cutting from my friend’s beloved mother plant.

Lyndsey Haskell - What You Sow - Plants

Urban Favourites

Where do you currently call home and what inspires you about your city?

I live in Brighton, a wonderfully creative city by the sea where everyone has a project, everyone is trying to save the world and everyone is helping each other do it. Living here is such a dream.

Top three foodie spots in your city …

The London Road area is my favourite place to hang out and is home to so many splendid independent eateries, including my favourites.  My studio pals and I practically live at Nordic Coffee Collective, I hold meetings here all the time and I am obsessed with the liquorice lattes and cinnamon buns. Lovely staff and good music too. Carlito Burrito is my favourite place to eat in the evening – a relaxed vibe, beautiful decor, staff who have genuine opinions and recommendations on the food, incredible margaritas and phenomenal Mexican tapas. Presuming Ed is the sister of Brighton’s famous Marwood Café and has a similar kookiness to it along with awesome coffee, tasty veggie sausage rolls and a huge selection of big sandwiches and cake.

A bonus recommendation that not many people know about is the Mediterraneo Deli on Clyde Road. You can eat there by reservation only and they cook the most glorious Sicilian food all served by candlelight.

The Nordic Bakery Brighton

Most beautiful outdoor space …

We are so lucky to have the beach on our doorstep and my favourite part of it is the Portslade side which is so lovely and quiet and perfect for reading or picnicking on a mild day.

How do you spend a Sunday morning?

Head to Brighton Race Course where a boot fair is held every Sunday morning and doesn’t really get started until about 10.30. Then wander back down the hill into the North Laine for a late breakfast and coffee in one of the independent cafes like The Coffee Counter, The Flour Pot or Mange Tout.

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