The man with a passion for polaroids

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Paris provides an endless source of inspiration for musicians, artists, photographers and travellers, who come flocking from all over the world to soak up the mesmerising culture, sounds and sights of the City of Light. Photographer and musician Jim Rosemberg calls Paris home. He explains the motivation behind his various collaborations and creative endeavours.

A day in the life of Jim Rosemberg

Where do you currently call home, and what inspires you about your city?

I live in Paris, near the centre of the city. It’s pretty cool – I have a rooftop. I think what inspires me most is the people. The people travelling, and the people I meet generally. It’s so multicultural – it’s pretty hard to say, ‘well this person is French’. So many people come from abroad, like myself – my family and I are from South America. Everybody has a mixed background, which is very interesting.

I like the fact that it’s also very difficult. France is a very complicated country in every way – politically and culturally – and it’s even complicated getting work. It’s really good because you have to overcome yourself to be better. I think it’s very interesting, because you have to find the best in yourself to overcome things.

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Best Kept Secrets

I khoollect a few…

Cameras. I have more than 30 Polaroid cameras and loads of film cameras. I started collecting old cameras, and then one day at a flea market I found someone selling 20 Polaroids, so I told myself ‘I’m going to buy more and collect them’. A lot of the cameras you can’t even find the film for anymore. They are just for decoration.

A life lesson that you’d tell your younger self?

A few years back I had the opportunity to sign up to a record label but I said no, because it wasn’t at all what I was expecting, or what I wanted for myself in the future. I feel as though I took the path I really wanted to take. I would say to my younger self, just do the same. That’s all I would say.

Is collaboration important to you?

I collaborate in music mostly. I do things with friends from other bands that I really like. Of course in photography I collaborate with stylists, but other than that I don’t collaborate that much. But I should do that more. Collaborating in music is very interesting, because things come up that you would never have done alone. Such as writing songs with other people. When you collaborate you have to put your ego aside. You’re not judging other people and they’re not judging you, which is very cool and creative. It’s important for your own creativity.

Favourite corner of the Internet?

I like searching for music videos and short videos. I recently discovered Bob Gallagher – a director from Dublin who makes amazing videos. I’m trying to approach him to work together.

“ZEPHRA” – Short Film Trailer from Bob Gallagher on Vimeo.

Read Jim’s tips for aspiring photographers. You can also browse his portfolio of work online, and on Facebook and Instagram.

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