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Londoners love their bikes. Never mind the rain, the rise in popularity of urban cycling has seen these two-wheeled time machines wielded by commuters, leisure cyclists and the hip and trendy for transport and fashion alike. Along with the surge in cycling has come the resurgence of the local bike shop – suburban heroes to those of us with flat tyres, mangled spokes, and irritating Sturmey-Archer issues.

Khoollect paid a visit to Perlie Rides bike shop in Homerton (in the Borough of Hackney) and spoke to the aptly named owner Adam Rider about cycling in and around London.

Perlie Rides is more than just your one-stop bike shop – it’s a community-focused haven for everything bike-related. In addition to repairs and servicing, the store also offers parts and custom builds, and a team of skilled mechanics on-hand to provide technical and not-so-technical advice. Adam and his team are pretty much local heroes – always willing to help out with community initiatives or even just pump up a set of tyres when you’re stranded on the street.

New to London, or a novice rider? Here’s Adam’s five top tips for cycling in the Big Smoke:

1. If you’re new to cycling, practice is key!

Time spent in the park wobbling about is invaluable.

Ladies Bikes Perlie Rides

2. Plan your route before you set off

There are many routes that are quieter than the main roads. Before you set off, check the map and see if you can incorporate the canal, some parks or back streets in your journey. Also, don’t be afraid to hop off and push your bike over a busy junction if you need to.

3. Follow the canals

It’s great riding along the canals very early in the morning, before everyone else gets there! There’s often mist, lots of birdlife, early light and it’s very tranquil.

4. Get your bike serviced regularly

Bike shops are quiet when the weather is bad, so it can be a good time for a quick service.

5. Plan for the rain

I’m afraid there’s no magic bullet for the cold and wet. If I can, I try to avoid the worst of the wet weather. Heavy downpours usually last less than half an hour so I try to wait it out if possible. Otherwise, carry a change of clothes especially SPARE SOCKS! I like to wear a top waterproof jacket as well as waterproof shorts and light shoes. I like plimsolls and shorts because I can change out of them and they dry quickly.


What are your tips for staying dry on a bike? Tell us in the comments below.

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Read Khoollect’s tips for surviving the streets of London on two wheels. You can also read more about Adam Rider – why he loves cycling and started a bike shop, what a day at work looks like, and his best bites from around London.

Perlie Rides, 137 Well Street, Hackney, London E9 7LJ

Find Perlie Rides on Instagram – Facebook – Twitter