The Geffrye Museum: a wander through the garden

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In an area historically renowned for its horticultural expertise, the Geffrye Museum garden is like a little oasis tucked away behind the building, it’s easily missable so don’t forget to wander around the back and check it out. Here are a few things we got up to:

Chill out in the front garden
As you walk through the entrance you’re met with the front garden, a beautiful open space to chill out in. Get away from the hectic buzz of the city on the other side – the grass is definitely greener here. We could’ve sat in the front garden for hours.

garden_herbsSmell the herbs
The Geffrye Museum hosts an extensive herb garden, with more than 170 different herbs. With our nostrils tingling, resisting the temptation to pluck a few from the ground was a challenge.

Watch the bees
Watch the bees working their magic and try a honey-based tea in the cafe. Keep your distance though!

Peregrinate through the period gardens
With plants and garden accessories as you would’ve seen them in gardens from the past.




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Loving the garden?

Take a look inside the museum for an historic view of London lifestyle.