If art be the food of love, paint on

Avocados have been in the news a lot recently amid fears that we’re running out, prices rising, and politicians suggesting younger generations would be better off skipping the avocado aisle in their local supermarket and at brunch and, instead, directing those hard-earned pennies toward a deposit for a house. Luckily, cafes have reacted to this in a generous way.

Just another ridiculous news story, we thought, skip over it and keep browsing, we thought, until… something rather lovely rose up out of the ashes of the internet noise:


A great thing that came from these news stories is the discovery of an artist who goes by the name of Boris Toledo Doorm also known as ‘creadoorm’, who decided to scrap paint for something a little more edible.

Before you question your sanity. Yes, that’s really avocado, and yes he really paints with it. And ever since discovering this we’ve been on a mission to unearth the greatest food artists from across the web.

So get your ingredients at the ready, hold your paint brushes steady and before you go and run off to the kitchen to make your own. Here’s a few more for inspiration …


Amelia Fais Harnas is a painter and wine lover. Her ‘Drunk Politics’ series sees her recreate some very recognisable political figures out of, you guessed it, red wine!


THE CREATION OF EDAM #Michelangelo #ArtintheEats #GrilledCheese

A photo posted by tisha cherry (@tishacherry) on

Tisha Cherry’s Instagram is full of food art made from all of our favourite ingredients. This one is a cheesy take on Michael Angelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’.



Peer into the weird and wonderful world of Stephan Brusche. Most commonly known for his fruity creations. I recently stumbled upon this guys work and haven’t eaten bananas in the same way since.


Thinking of redecorating? You’ll most certainly find some tasty colour palettes among photographer Alison Anselot’s work. Her eye for colour could have me gazing at these for hours. Mark Rothko, eat your heart out. I think we’re gonna have to give this a go in the office.

Any we’ve missed? Let us know your favourites in the comments below.

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