Heather Thomas’ hotlist of mindful foodie Instagrammers

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Heather Thomas of The Mindful Kitchen is passionate about helping people connect to nature through food. With a unique approach to sustainability and seasonality, Heather, alongside her best friend Marian Reed, host interactive food workshops where they share their wisdom on mindfulness and cookery. The Mindful Kitchen’s workshops allow their guests to be fully present and engage with the food presented to them, and by using all of the senses, guests enjoy their meal in an unconventional and thought-provoking way.
Heather’s abundance of knowledge on all things mindful and food-related meant we had to share her favourite foodie Instagrammers. If you’re looking to follow food creatives that present meals in an accessible way and share stories about people, places and nature, you’re going to want to read on …


@reblondonfridge: They always seem to capture my mood! In the simplest of frames they share the emotional aspect of food.  I feel a sense of calm when I look at their pictures.  To me, what sparkles is what the food represents, rather than the food itself.


@juliesmatblogg:  I had to throw a Scandinavian blogger in the mix! Julie is from Norway. She seems such an authentic lover of life. Food seems to be a properly sensual experience for her: the smell, sight, touch and taste of down to earth food in its complex simplicity comes across in her imagery – which vacillates between pictures of nature, people and food.

Sri Lanka bound! ☀️

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@issycroker: Issy captures people and places.  I think she does a beautiful job of telling a story about how culture impacts how we eat and how that differs the world over.  To me, she’s asking the viewer the question: Why do you eat the food that you do?  Have you ever thought about it?
Who are you favourite mindful foodies? Comment below …

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