Featured Follower: The Freckled Field Notes

Our featured follower series is the chance for us to show you the outstandingly talented members of the #khoollectcommunity. They’re the small businesses, the makers, the digital stars of our community, not dictated by likes and follows but by genuine talent and an interesting story.

This week’s latest member is the brilliant Sian Ward of The Freckled Field Notes. A Creative Writing Graduate and designer she shares her talents over on her blog in between long, stunning walks in the Cornish countryside…can you tell we’re a bit jealous.

Find out a little more:

Freckled Field Notes

Instagram/Twitter account: On Instagram: @thefreckledfieldnotes, on Twitter: @frecklednotes.

Website: www.thefreckledfieldnotes.com

Where in the world do you live? In a little hamlet just outside of Launceston, Cornwall

What do you do? When I’m not busy writing and creating bits and bobs for my blog, I work as a Social Media and Marketing Assistant for Specsavers. 

One place you’d tell people to visit in your city/town? You have to check out the Little Bakehouse in Launceston. If you’re ever lucky enough to grab a pew in there, they do the best sourdough I’ve ever eaten! 

What do you #khoollect? I have an awful habit of collecting notebooks and journals and never filling them with the notes they deserve. It’s terrible – I must have at least fifty stacked around the place with random jottings and scribbles in them! In my defence, I think I just enjoy the prospect a new notebook holds… all those pages waiting to be filled.   

What’s your favourite recipe? A good batch of biscuits! I’ve sort of combined a few recipes to create my own insanely huge triple chocolate cookies and they always go down a treat. I’m a real believer in the healing power of that age-old combo, a good cuppa and a decent biscuit (or two).     

What’s your favourite book? Oh this is a tricky one! I studied English at University so I’ve read my fair share of books – both good and bad! I think it’s a toss up between The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger and The Waves by Virginia Woolf. Both of these books (and authors) encouraged me to not be afraid of developing my own style and sticking to my guns as a writer.      

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? My Mum always told me to just be myself. I know it’s pretty standard advice that often goes in one ear and out the other when you’re young and lacking confidence but, in the long run, I’ve realised this is actually the best advice. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, just keeping doing you.

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