Team Khoollect’s spring reading stack

Ah, spring! A time for new beginnings, spring cleans, and, of course, reviving your reading list and book stacks. Team Khoollect is made up of some avid readers, and our HQ’s bookshelves are gradually bending more and more under the weight of our collections. Whether it’s cookbooks, non-fiction titles or a page-turner narrative, we’re keen to get into our spring reading stacks.

Here’s what Team Khoollect will be reading this season:

Rachel Khoo, Editor-in-Chief

It took me half a year to finish reading the last book I started. And at the moment light-hearted/easy reads are all I can manage (and usually only for five minutes because I’m out like a light with all the night feeds). I currently have Adventures of a terribly greedy girl on my bedside table. It’s a book that speaks to my heart as I am a rather ‘gourmande’ girl.

Sonya Gellert, Deputy Editor

I’m a big reader; you’ll often find me nose-deep in a compelling tale, and I like to balance things out between fiction and non-fiction. So, this season I’m reading Looking at Mindfulness: 25 Ways to Live in the Moment Through Art by Christophe André (as recommended by Lyndsey Haskell at our recent event), followed by Alain de Botton’s The Course of Love and Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Net.

Lara Messer, Creative Editor

I prefer to read non-fiction books as I feel like I’m on a bit of a learning adventure of sorts. I’m keen to absorb as much as I can in my favourite realms: veggie eating, the environment, minimalism and the science behind each. Currently, I’m drifting between James Watt’s Business for Punks and Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. On the culinary side of things, I’m adoring the bounty of recipes in The New Vegetarian and (a bit of a guilty pleasure!) I’ve been cooking through my housemate’s Joe Wicks cookbooks.

Hannah Adams, Marketing and Partnerships Manager

I have to be honest and say I’ve not been very good at reading anything in the past couple of months. But, as the holiday season starts, I’m looking forward to picking up a good book. My boyfriend has suggested I read The Long Earth by Terry Pratchet and Stephen Baxter since I enjoyed Terry’s Good Omens. It might be too science fiction for me, but I’m willing to give it a go.

Gabi Van, Editorial and Social Media Intern

This year I’m inspired to unleash my inner ‘girl boss’, be more productive with my time and, to the best of my ability, dress like fashion blogger. That’s why I’m reading Man Repeller by Leandra Medine. I’m also working my way through The Third Plate by Dan Barber; as a 21-year-old who’s food-obsessed I find his thoughts on sustainability and modern food production fascinating. Dan inspires me to be a better, less wasteful cook.

What’s in your spring reading stack? Tell us in the comments below…

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