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Here at Khoollect HQ, we love to pore over the pages of a fashion blog — becoming absorbed in the picture-perfect lifestyle of a stylish blogger. For years, many of our team’s members have been engrossed in the flawless fashion, seamless styling and and fanciful travels of London-based Carrie Harwood — better known as WishWishWish. So, when Carrie agreed to share the secrets behind her holiday happy snaps, packing techniques and consistently unruffled poise, we were pretty excited to share what we learnt with the Khoollect community. Here’s what Carrie told us:

Where do you call home and spend most of your time?

I live in beautiful North London, and I love it there. I’m originally from the Somerset countryside, so being so close to Hampstead Heath helps me to feel at home, but I’m just a bus ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I love that London can be so many different things depending on where you are!

When you’re headed on holiday, what are your go-to carry-on bag essentials?

I travel so much that I like to keep it simple. I think I’ve managed to perfect it! I’ll always have a good set of headphones, a good moisturiser (great for keeping your skin supple on a flight), lip balm, a cosy pair of socks, and a phone stocked full of podcasts to listen to. That’s all I need! And snacks. Always snacks.

carrie wish wish wish

When I get off a flight I look like I’ve just walked through a storm. How do you remain so polished during your travels?

Honestly, I keep it so casual when I’m flying. A good pair of joggers or leggings, an oversized tee, leather jacket and a pair of sunnies to hide my tired eyes. As long as my face and lips are hydrated, I’m not worried about any other make-up… I’m going to be spending the next few hours getting my beauty sleep. I’d say that I also look like I’ve just walked through a storm when I get off a flight too; it’s only normal and nothing to be ashamed of! Save the hair and beauty products for your destination! Your holiday snaps are always going to be beautiful.

What are your tips for getting the best vacation photos?

I just make sure I have my (rather heavy!) camera with me at all times – you never know what you’ll come across. Make sure to be stocked up with enough memory cards and battery; it’s when I’m travelling that I take the most pictures, as new backdrops are always so inspiring.

What are your packing tips for someone jetting off on a weekend away?

Plan your outfits ahead of time. Don’t just throw in things that you may or may not wear! Also, make sure to wear your heaviest/thickest jacket and shoes for the journey so they don’t take up extra room in your case. Keep your beauty products to just the essentials. You probably don’t need six products for your hair, and the hotel shampoo will probably suffice if you’re doing an overnighter.

Carrie wish wish wish 2

Could you name your all-time favourite travel destination?

I absolutely fell in love with Tokyo. We visited during cherry blossom season, and it was absolutely beautiful. It had the perfect mix of crazy, bright, colourful sights, sounds and buildings but also breathtaking nature and serenity in the temples. That and the food! I’m so excited to head back to Japan one day to see more of the country.

What holidays are you looking forward to next?

A rather exciting one – in a couple of weeks I’m heading to Portugal to get married..!

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