Khoollect finds: the team’s favourite beauty buys for less than a fiver

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We’ve all been there: you pop into the pharmacy to buy a few things you’re running short on, and by the time you get to the counter (having become a little waylaid in the beauty aisles) you’ve racked up an embarrassingly high number of points on your loyalty card and spent more than a reasonable percentage of your pay for the month. Team Khoollect knows the feeling all too well, which is why we’ve become pretty thrifty with the products we purchase. Here, we lay out our favourite beauty buys that you can pick up for less than a fiver many of which are multi-purpose too.

Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Khoo

My top beauty buy for less than a fiver is coconut oil. If it’s good enough for eating it’s good enough for slathering on your body. Great as a body moisturiser (or makeup remover), plus you smell like a tropical holiday. I bung it in the bath (make sure the jar is well sealed) while I’m soaking, to make the oil melt so it’s easier to massage into my skin.

Deputy Editor Sonya’s finds

Since hopping over to England’s capital from Australia, I’ve been boarding a lot more planes and tackling the challenge of keeping my carry-on luggage as minimal as possible. So, discovering multi-purpose products that nourish my skin (especially in London’s dry weather) has become my mission.

My top beauty buy for less than a fiver is undoubtedly Lucas Pawpaw Ointment (a glossy Australian gem, just like me). Not only is it the perfect lip salve, but it’s a handy first-aid product for cuts, scrapes and the likes. Aside from this, I like to have a small tub of coconut oil on hand for travel too; it makes a fabulous hair and body moisturiser. And, lastly, a hair hack for the curly girls out there: last year a friend of mine (and fellow curly mop top) recommended I stop spending money on costly curly hair creams and give this guy a go. I haven’t looked back.

Creative Editor Lara’s finds 

I’m a big fan of make-up and, in particular, I’m obsessed with lipsticks. I love that you can transform an entire beauty look with a simple lipstick – and my #khoollection has grown quite a bit this past year! I only buy cruelty-free makeup, which means I’m very thorough with sourcing the best products for my skin type.

I wear lipstick every day, so often my lips need a bit of TLC. I do a classic remedy of coconut oil and brown sugar to exfoliate – which I’ll do on a Sunday night during my beauty routine – and apply a vegan vaseline as a primer before applying lipstick. I love using Lush products (my bathroom currently looks like a Lush shop) because of their vegan range and wonderful ethics.

Another tip I have: carry around a toothbrush with you. I drink endless amounts of coffee and like to fresh up after each cup. My favourite brushes are bamboo brushes – good for the environment and pretty damn cool looking.

Partnerships and Marketing Manager Hannah’s finds

I don’t really buy or wear makeup that often. My mum gives me my yearly Benefit mascara for Christmas and I have a trusty eyeliner, which I’m sure is never-ending. I would say a simple non-branded moisturiser is a great buy for me. I suffer from dry skin so an unperfumed one not only acts as a moisturiser for my skin, but when I use it on my face in the morning, it wakes me up! It’s also a great makeup remover, without feeling chemically.

My first advice about being thrifty with makeup, is to check out your family’s stash of makeup. So many times my mum has bought a new product and not liked it, which can be perfect for me.

Editorial and Social Media Intern Gabi’s finds

I take Rosebud Salve with me everywhere I go. It has a beautiful floral scent that’s very calming and can remedy almost anything. I put it on dry lips, cuticles, dry skin, etc. Love the packaging too!

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