Alice Blogg: the furniture maker ‘letting the timber’s beauty sing’

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Furniture can transform a room, become a unique talking point and make a house a home. And when that piece of furniture is crafted by a maker who loves what they do, it’s bound to be particularly special. Alice Blogg is a passionate designer and maker who creates each piece of her wooden furniture with sustainability in mind. We asked her about her trade, and what makes her tick:

Alice Blogg

When did you first get into wood work and furniture making, and what drew you in?

I have always been creative and whittled sticks. I studied a degree in 3D Design at Manchester, travelled and landed in London. The move into woodwork happened on my return from living in London to Dorset, my home county. I needed a job and found a father and son running a joiners shop. I started working for them almost eight years ago and have never looked back from the wood world.

How would you describe your work?

Simple, functional, understated, but beautiful – letting the timber’s beauty sing. I understand timber, appreciate its beauty, its character, its grain. I love subtle natural colours and the warmth of natural materials. I choose to use resources at my feet, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. I work to commissions from lampshades, desks, chairs through to interiors and kitchens.

Is there a particular item you’ve created that you’re most proud of?

I am proud of everything I create. I feel all pieces have a lot of thought and passion in them. I enjoy every part of the process from design through to making. This makes each piece very personal and something to be proud of.

Alice Blogg Design

What do you love most about what you do?

The freedom and ability to explore through making. Creating my own work/pieces and passing it on for generations to share. Sharing with other makers and creatives their skills and teaching my skills and knowledge to others. The situation of my workshop in Dorset, looking straight out to a view of Egardon.

What are some of the challenges you face in your line of work?

The pressure to achieve time and time again, a pressure I have learn’t to enjoy! Time is always a pressure. If there was never any deadlines nothing would ever get done.   

Are you working on anything particularly exciting right now?

I have many exciting projects lined up. I work from small to large commissions. At the moment there is a large mixture, from three divine bespoke lampshades for a barn conversion, to a superb walk-in wardrobe room in solid British cedar, oak and ash. I have just finished a desk in fumed British oak and cherry.


What do you hope the future will hold for Alice Blogg?

I believe anyone can achieve as long as they work hard and put the hours in. I am always open to new ventures and working with people. I wish to always be designing and making and hope this can always continue.  

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