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Paola Bjaringer has a very niche job. She specialises in consulting on, sourcing and creating design-art collectibles to set off the interior of people’s homes, galleries and other interesting spaces. She’s one of those people who sources cool one-off art pieces that actually have a functional use in your home: the crazy looking one-of-a-kind coffee table; the chair that’s both designer and comfortable; the rug that’s hand-stitched with an original design…

This former gallery owner, collector, publisher and creator, has brought together her many and varied skills to offer collectible unique interior and design advice to some very elite and interesting clients. Paola shares her story with Khoollect.

Paola Bjaringer

A Day in the Life of Paola Bjaringer

Tell us about your line of work and how you got into it?

I specialise in design-art collectibles, which is functional art made by designers. I often commission designers and produce items for particular clients or projects, which sometimes involves decorating entire rooms and flats. My masters thesis in gender studies at the London School of Economics led to an encounter with french designer  Matali Crasset, which in turn led me to this career. After I finished my studies, design came as the key tool for me to materialise social theory.

Tell us about any new or interesting projects you’re working on right now?

I’m working on a project with Matali Crasset, involving an adolescent’s bedroom in a family house outside Paris.

What’s your biggest achievement to date – or the most exciting project or piece of work you’ve completed or worked on?

Building from scratch a gallery space and an amazing apartment in Paris.

Where do you get your inspiration from?


Best Kept Secrets

I khoollect a few …

Great design pieces, small and big. More randomly, paper napkins of all sizes and styles.

What’s your favourite item in your khoollection?

My great grandmother’s armchair called ‘the phone chair’ which she and her daughter used to sit in to make phone calls.

A life lesson that you’d tell your younger self?

Have more fun, especially when you work.

Favourite corner of the internet?


Who’s your #khoollectcrush?

Matali Crasset for her boldness. She has dared to invent new codes for living a more loving life, connecting people through furniture and space. Her work as a designer is political and important.

Urban Favourites

Where do you call home?


Paris give me wings #carousel #oldschool #paris #panam #montgolfiere #airballoon #eiffeltower #toureiffel #panam #nostalgia

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Your favourite place for coffee?

Le Fumoir.

Best spot for dinner?

Azabu for the exquisite Japanese food, as well as being in the heart of St Germain des Prés.

Where do you go for interior design inspiration?

Museum shops in Paris, London and New York.

How do you spend a lazy Sunday?

Getting lost in the streets of Paris, walking slowly, stopping whenever a place looks inviting.

Favourite garden or park?

Jardin du Luxembourg.

If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

New York.

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Photos by Geoffroy de Boismenu (headshot) and Elodie Dupuis.