Travel essentials: Rachel Khoo’s top five tips

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Between filming TV shows, flying in to meet with my team and travelling for pleasure, I catch a lot of flights. Lately, we’ve been talking about travel in the forum. So, I thought I’d share some of my tips for dealing with lots of time in the air:

Here are my essential travel tips:  

  1. Pack a wrap
    When I’m hopping on a long flight, or even a long train ride, I always pack a shawl or a large scarf. It’s handy if it gets cold, but also doubles as a blanket or make-shift pillow when you need it.
  2. Roll up, roll up
    It’s an old trick, but a good one: roll your clothes instead of folding them. Rolling garments creates less crinkles and makes things take up less space.
  3. Mid-flight refreshments
    Spending long hours in the cabin of a plane can really dehydrate your skin. I carry water sprays (like Evian or Avene sprays, for example) to refresh my face mid-flight. Just make sure to pack a size that’s suitable as a carry on.
  4. Wholesome snacks
    Food on planes is usually high in salt (to counteract the loss of taste in altitude), which will only further dehydrate you. For this reason, I recommend you carry your own snacks if you can. Fresh fruit and carrot sticks make great in-flight snacks. Just remember, if you’re travelling to another country you should eat any fresh produce before clearing customs – you don’t want to get a big fine (or worse)!
  5. Right on time
    Lastly, set your watches and phones to the time of your destination. It helps with settling in to your next timezone.

What tips would you add to the list? Comment below or join in over on the forum.

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