Welcome to Khoollect


You’ve either stumbled upon us, discovered Khoollect via your Instagram feed, or perhaps a friend with fabulous taste directed you here. Welcome! Now, you might be wondering who’s behind Khoollect? What can I Khoollect? How do I join the Khoollection?

Khoollect first started – as most good ideas do – via a handful of thoughts dotted down in a notebook, fuelled by copious cups of tea. An online lifestyle platform and social media venture from Rachel Khoo, Khoollect is a creative space that searches for inspiration in unlikely spaces.

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As a best-selling cookbook author and television personality, Rachel is excited to expand her existing blogging platform and to invite the existing ‘Khoo’ community, alongside new followers, to join Khoollect – her new creative journey. Rachel dreamed of creating a lifestyle project where she could share her ideas and inspiration and connect with a community of recipe hunters, foodies, creatives and curious minds. That’s where you come in!

Khoollect primarily functions as an online magazine – with many social channels where you can join the conversation, and join the #khoollection. Join us. Eat with us. Travel with us. Read with us. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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