Meet the Team

The Khoollect team is small but perfectly formed. We’re a diverse and interesting bunch, located in various far-flung locations around the globe. Each person comes with their talents, quirks and eccentricities, and together we make up the creative force behind Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo’s exciting new project. Read more about the khoollectors below:

Rachel Khoo Portrait October 2015

Editor-in-Chief Rachel Khoo is the driving force behind Khoollect. In between filming television shows and writing cookbooks, Rachel’s busy brainstorming exciting people, places and discoveries to feature on Khoollect. Rachel calls London home and is the proud owner of a khoollection of old and pre-loved cameras.


Lara Messer is Khoollect’s Creative Editor. A talented Glaswegian photographer, visual guru, and morale builder, Lara creates Khoollect’s photographs, infographics and illustrations. Naturally, she’s always willing to sample the delicious foods she photographs for Khoollect too!

Frankie 07

Frankie Unsworth is Khoollect’s Food Editor, stylist and recipe developer. Based in London, Frankie is always on hand to cook and style delicious dishes for Khoollect photoshoots. Her whippet, Isla, is an unofficial khoollector who you may have spied on our social media. Frankie has a giant khoollection of kitchen paraphernalia.

sonya gellert 2

Sonya Gellert is the Khoollect team’s Contributing Writer, Associate Editor and resident wordsmith. With a wealth of experience in the magazine  industry, this Sydney-based foodie enjoys creating the stories you read on Khoollect. Sonya may seem sweet, but she’s not shy about pulling out a red editing pen to polish the pieces you see on the site!




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