Khoollect watch: 9 films to spark creativity

In a world full of cat-video distractions, online shopping click-bait and must-do Buzzfeed quizzes (finding out what kind of cookie you are is very popular) – it’s easy to lose creative mojo, even with the best intentions to stay on track. Sometimes creative work, or play, can feel dull. If you’re trying to write but can’t find the words, take a break, sit down and switch on one of these films to get you thinking creatively again…

Eames: The Architect and The Painter (2011)

Narrated by James Franco, The Architect and The Painter follows the creative world of husband and wife duo, Charles and Ray Eames. What began as an innovative chair design ended up changing how the creative industry looked at their work forever.

Frida (2002)

Frida Khalo was one of the most creative and innovative female artists during the 1930s; this film reveals her whirlwind romance and goes behind the scenes of Frida’s world of groundbreaking art and glamour. Emotional, turbulent and with just the right amount of inspiration.

Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010)

Directed by everyone’s favourite street artist, Banksy, this mock-doc reveals the story of Theirry Guetta, a man obsessed with street art. Without steering your opinion, this film takes an honest look at what the world of street art and creativity might be coming to.

Frances Ha (2012)

Best friends Frances and Sophie share an apartment, until Sophie decides to relocate to her dream neighbourhood. As Frances tries to find another home, her story of searching for a meaningful existence, exploring potential relationships and living without Sophie is revealed instead.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

Craig Gilner is a teenager desperate for his parent’s approval and to succeed at life, which means getting into the right educational programmes and then getting the right job. The pressure to achieve becomes unbearable and Craig finds himself in a psychiatric hospital, which ultimately leads to his unexpected discovery of happiness and creativity.

Saint Laurent (2015)

Overworked, struggling to deal with fame and on the brink of changing the world of fashion forever, Saint Laurent takes a look at the life of French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent during the peak of his career in 1958.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week (2016)


Ron Howard’s documentary takes on a unique approach of showcasing The Beatles in their early years of touring, with on-screen commentary from Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney who share their misadventures of being young pop sensations.


The Cool School: the story of Ferus Gallery (2008)


The story of how the LA art scene came of age. The Ferus Gallery grew local LA artists into brave creatives who produced artwork great enough to compete with the rest of the world. With a mix of ego, creativity and wealth – this film reveals that starting from scratch is a great place to begin.

PressPausePlay (2011)


We’re living in a digital age where creative content has been produced like never before. Filmmakers, musicians and creatives discuss how the digital age has allowed for an unprecedented world of creativity where everyone has the opportunity to rise to fame.

What’s your go-to film when feeling uninspired?

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