Cereal Magazine: brimming with poetically curated content

You know those weekends, where the rain has been lashing mercilessly and spring still seems like a lifetime away? Well, time to hunker down, cosy up and indulge in a little ‘you’ time with a really satisfying magazine called Cereal.

The latest edition of Cereal was like a beacon – the cover features a dreamy shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, bathed in a peachy mist, transporting me 5273 miles away from a chilly wet February in the West Country of England. It also promised a focus on California, Antwerp, and Agnes Martin.

What’s it all about?

Cereal is a travel and style magazine. Published twice a year it hails from Bristol and comes with quite a price tag. At £12 a pop you hope that you’re making a worthwhile investment. I can vouch for this – you are.

On the journal: The Guest Series – Lyle's + Septime | readcereal.com/lyles-septime

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Cereal is more like a beautifully curated book than a magazine, and I’m pretty certain it will not be finding its way to my recycling bin anytime soon. It’s a magazine to keep and refer back to.

Divided into location-specific chapters, it offers an alternative to your typical travel magazine fare. Each location is looked at through places, people and objects and this formula is effective and refreshing.

The contributors exude knowledge, passion and interest for their topic and the publication is so stylishly executed you feel every article, every image, every word has been carefully chosen to evoke a sense of a particular theme or place.

The chapter on California intoxicates with its descriptions of Yosemite: “At the summit, trees wriggle their toes into cracks between liquid slabs of rock, and the sky is scrubbed clean.” I was also pretty thrilled to find myself in possession of Dries Van Noten’s top ten for Antwerp.  And I now covet a reading room of my own, as seen in their style section.

Is it worth reading?

Everything about Cereal exudes a sense of timeless quality and makes you pause; the stunning photography, the poetically curated content, the considered layout.  If there is a fault, the font is a touch too small for comfortable reading on a grey weekend, but then again I am particularly short-sighted and the candles were lit.

An elegantly engaging publication, I thought it was worth every single one of its twelve pounds to purchase.

ISBN: 978-0-9930497-2-9

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