US elections: when politics meets comedy


Even if you’re not native to the USA you’ve probably been sucked up in the spectacle of the upcoming elections as much as we have. Email scandals, sexist remarks and big giant walls have all been featured heavily in this latest episode as red and blue battle it out for a chance to lead the free world.

Did that sound like a movie preview? Maybe because this time round, the whole election process feels like fiction.

Watching the debates, and following the stories, has made for some good giggles with its cracking one-liners and even better facial expressions. We’ve been half expecting the Donald to whip out a guitar and perform David Brent’s Freelove Freeway on his race to office.

Anyway, back to reality: it is real, and both sides are taking it seriously, but luckily for us… the internet isn’t. So before the storm, escape in some calming comedy with a few of our favourite mockeries from the world wide web:

Peculiar elections call for peculiar measures. Who knew Donald and Hillary had a hidden talent!

Not everyone could stomach the whole thing with the sound on. And this Youtuber is one of them.

This will leave you questioning Trump’s motives. But it’s funny… or at least it was.

“I’m not a comedian, I’m a song and dance man”. Here we see the candidates channelling their inner Andy Kaufman.

Which is your favourite? Or even better… have you seen any we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.

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