9 ways to improve your instagram feed


These days, a coffee or meal doesn’t get consumed without first being ‘grammed’. Look around you in a cafe and you’ll see people hovering over their breakfast bowls or standing in the park photographing their feet beside some autumn leaves.

I have to say, I love this Instagram culture. I like documenting my day-to-day life in the hope that one day I’ll scroll through it and think “wow, what a great time”. It’s nice to acknowledge the little things and find inspiration in unlikely places, which is what Instagram has made possible. Here are my tips for making the most of your Instagram feed:


Set a theme

Deciding the theme of your Instagram is the biggest battle. Crafting, breakfast, cats, capsule wardrobes or vinyl… choose your subject so people know what they can expect from your feed. Be as niche as you like, but make sure it’s something you are truly passionate about. For my own feed, I’ve chosen cats, coffee and working in food.


Choose a filter

A consistent colour pallet throughout your feed makes for a more successful Instagram. If you scroll through your favourite IGers now, you’ll see that their pictures sit comfortably together. There’s no jarring dark image or contrasting colours. Select your filter of choice, or even the cocktail that works for you (for example 25% Clarendon, a hint of blue colour, 2% fade and 11% contrast). Whatever filter or cocktail you choose, be sure to stick to it throughout your feed.


Work on your styling 

Styling is similarly as important as filters. Pick your positioning: whether that’s lots of negative space, overhead or extreme close ups. Find your style and what works best for you.


Post regularly

There’s no point having a genius idea for an Instagram feed and only posting once a month. Give your followers something to look forward to and create a posting schedule in your head. I like to (try) and post daily. I think there’s something nice about posting daily – it’s a visual story of your life that you can look back at enjoy.


What’s your colour palette?

I follow a selection of Instagrammers. People who post dark and moody images, some with Wes Anderson colour palettes or black-and-white beauties. Picking your colour palette will create a more coherent feed.


What’s your weekly ‘thing’? 

A thing, or a ritual, is brilliant for creating a structure to your Instagram. Without a doubt, my favourite is Kit and Nancy’s #thankgosling itsfriday.  It’s fun and something to look forward to.


Be nice, comment and share the love

Don’t think your Instagram account is better than any others. Instagram is about community – comment on pictures you love, ask questions and get involved. Being kind and nurturing online friendships is much more important than likes/followers. You never know, they could become life-long friends!


Be bright

As a visual person, I like to look at bright and clear images. Make sure the area you are photographing is as bright as possible or use the brightening tool on the Instagram app.


Take better photos

We put together our top tips for phone photography, take a look and apply to your Instagram feed!

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