The 7 Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts For Instant Inspiration

We think it’s well known by now that while half our paycheck goes on food, the other goes on interior furnishings to make staying in that extra bit more special.

But what with Khoollect HQ’s renovations going on, there’s all the more reason to obsess over the best interior design instagram accounts all day. And their blogs… Plus there’s Pinterest. We digress…

Bright, eclectic and fun with a clean Scandi edge has always been Khoollect’s aesthetic, so those are the accounts we’re going to recommend. Take a look!

Location:  Worldwide.
Get your fix: This account is everything we love – colour, fun and quirky design – and more.

My Scandinavian Home
Location: Sweden.
Get your fix: chic, classic Scandi style from her and others featured on her blog. We couldn’t not include something Scandi now…

Green and Mustard
Get your fix: Of opulent mid-century and modern design with pops of lavish colour. It could almost double for a tile account because there are SO many beautiful coloured tiles here.

The Jungalow
Location: Worldwide 
Get your fix: Think boho vibes, colourful designs and plenty of plants and patterened rugs galore.

These Four Walls
Location: Bristol
Get your fix: simple, neutral minimal designs from Abi’s own interior and places all over the world.

Urban Jungle Blog
Location: Across the globe.
Get your fix: of plants. SO many plants. There are so many botanical living accounts out there but for purely houseplants and interiors, this tops them all.

Jersey Ice Cream Co
Location: NY
Get your fix: of endless changing interior design spaces from the life and work of these two travelling interior designers. Think rustic home makeovers and stylish designs.

Come see our work tonight at the @stay_lokal Grand Opening! So excited for so many people to experience the magic in real life.

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What’s your favourite interior design Intsa-accounts? Comment below! Then if you want more, head over to our pick of patterned accounts for more inspiration!

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