Khoollect’s hotlist of Sydney Instagrammers

Sydney is another of Khoollect’s favourite ‘down under’ destinations. This cosmopolitan city is brimming with character, iconic landmarks and the famed Bondi Beach. Take a look at our hotlist of Sydney-sider Instagram feeds – you’ll have a plane ticket booked before you know it:

Kai Leishman

Rainy day in bed with these two silly sausages

A photo posted by Kai Leishman (@kaileishman) on


Day job: Food & lifestyle photographer
Location: Sydney
Get your fix: Food & Sydney’s sights
A stunning feed of beautifully photographed food and stunning seascapes, landscapes, buildings and landmarks from around Sydney.

Natalia Horinkova

Underwater explorer. #olympusinspired

A photo posted by Natalia Horinkova (@_nata_) on

Day job: Photographer & content creator
Location: Sydney
Get your fix: Photography by the sea
Some of the most beautiful pictures you’ll ever see capturing the ocean, its surroundings, its wildlife, and the people living nearby.

Pepe Saya

Day job: Maker of handcrafted cultured butter
Location: Sydney
Get your fix: Artisan butter and the butter-making process
Pepe Saya makes some of Australia’s most delicious artisan butter and boutique dairy products. Take a peek at their feed to see the process of hand-making butter in action.

Finders Keepers

Day job: Design & art market
Location: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Adelaide
Get your fix: Crafts and design curiosities
Take a look at Finders Keepers for some Pinterest-esque design inspiration and potential DIY craft projects. Trinkets and collectable knick-knacks aplenty.

Smith Journal

Day job: Quarterly print mag
Location: Sydney
Get your fix: Intelligent copy & beautiful photography
One of Australia’s newest magazines, Smith Journal is full of writers, thinkers, comedians, adventurers, and random stories.

Tim Denoodle


Day job: Beach enthusiast
Location: Sydney
Get your fix: Bondi beach babes and goings on
Immerse yourself in the daily happenings at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. This feed is a photo diary of life’s simple beachside enjoyments.

Annette Widitz

There There || A #liquidportrait of the beautiful Lauren K ✨☁️

A photo posted by Annette Widitz [ Sydney ] (@dawa_lhamo) on

Day job: iphone travel photographer
Location: Sydney
Get your fix: Whimsical travel pics
Whimsical travel pictures from around Sydney and beyond, captured on a simple iphone camera. These photos will inspire you to hone your own smartphone skills.

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