LASSCO: a collector’s haven of oddities and delights

The London Architectural Salvage and Supply Co (LASSCO) is one of the cities largest and best known treasure chests for architectural antiques, oddities and delights, and the most extensive range of collectible odds and ends you could ever hope to find under one roof.

Lassco 02

On visiting the Ropewalk store in the Southbank suburb of Bermondsey, you’ll be greeted by the most outstandingly kitsch ‘aloha’ sign. Its multi-coloured letters are punctuated with starlet-dressing-room-style lightbulbs that twinkle brightly on a grim winter’s morning.

Lassco London

Lassco London

Step inside and you’ll find a rabbit’s warren of individual rooms tacked together under one roof, each heaving with amusing curiosities. There’s everything from large vintage Union Jack flags, to small ceramics, pieces of highly sought after one-of-a-kind furniture, and colours and shapes and rare and wonderful objects as far as the eye can see. There’s even a peppering of modern homewares, candles and nice smelling things on display.

Lassco London

The staff here are knowledgeable and helpful – and best of all, they don’t give you that ‘don’t touch anything, it’ll probably break’ death stare that’s so easily received elsewhere. Their customer base is a mix of old and young, collectors and curious weekenders, and not one of them seems under pressure.

Lassco London

Most surprising of all, is the bar tucked away in a corner at one end of the building. It has that semi-cigar lounge/shabby-chic feel, where you’d meet a friend to play poker or discuss a dodgy deal. It’s kitted out in the most amazing array of vintage furniture and retro props (assumably most are for sale), and, while not well attended at 11am, there’s sure to be plenty of punters ready to imbibe late afternoon.

Lassco 05

Visit LASSCO on the weekend when the Maltby Street Market is in full swing outside the front door. You’ll get your fix of food and foraging all on one short street.

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LASSCO Ropewalk
41 Maltby Street, Bermondsey, London SE1 3PA

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