Improve the life expectancy of your flowers

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Freshly cut flowers and floral bouquets are great way of brightening up your home without too much fuss or bother. You can pick up lots of intensely-coloured inexpensive blooms at your local market, that will add a touch of homeliness to your nest.

Rebel Rebel owners Athena Duncan and Mairead Curtin share their tips for improving the life expectancy of your blooms at home.

Buy fresh if you want them to last

Always make sure the flowers you buy are fresh if you want them to last – or, not so fresh if you want them to look great that same night.

Explain your needs and wants

When you’r talking to your florist, be sure to tell them what you want the flowers for, and how long you want them to keep. There’s no point asking for something ‘pretty’ that’s going to look dead the next day.

Rebel Rebel Tips for Flowers

Get the right vase

It’s a crime to put short stems in tall vases and vice versa. Invest in a vase that compliments the look of the flowers you want to feature, and won’t damage your blooms. Or, you could cut your flowers down to size…just be wary of making them look silly!

Keep your flowers hydrated

Make sure your bouquets always have enough water. Change it every day if you can, or at the very least, top-up with a fresh supply. Add Milton sterilising tablets to your vase full of water – it’ll keep the water clean and clear.

Cut at the correct angle

Always cut stems at an angle, and cut woody stems up the stem (so it’s split). This ensures the flowers get plenty of water.

Keep your foliage above water

When you put your bunches in water, there shouldn’t be any leaves underneath the surface of the water.

Don’t just buy flowers, foliage is important too

If you have a garden, raid the garden for foliage. If you’re buying from a florist then don’t expect foliage to be free – we have to pay for that too!

Make your own arrangements

The easiest way to make a nice arrangement is to make a tied bunch then pop it into a vase.


Have you got some tips for improving the life expectancy of your flowers at home? Share them in the comments below. 

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