Sharing our knowledge at Paperfest London 2016

Building a successful digital magazine is no easy task. Some days everything works and others feel like we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. But one thing to say is that we’ve learned a lot in the short time we’ve been with you.

We were asked, by Paperfest, to share some of this knowledge with an audience of like-minded creatives. We like saying yes to things, so we went along for a Q&A with Abigail Warner.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Paperfest: it’s an annual event, held at Kensington Olympia  that encompasses talks and creativity. Creatives and professionals from a range of disciplines and industries are selected to deliver some words of wisdom to a group of people interested in building relevant brands.

During the Q&A we discussed everything from the history of Khoollect, to how the brand has evolved. Here’s a short snippet from the talk where Hannah and Lara speak about the future of Khoollect and where we’re heading.

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