What’s in Team Khoollect’s carry-on travel bags?

Set with the challenge of packing for a cold climate, on a working retreat with only carry-on travel bags, Team Khoollect was determined to pack light and travel well. We may not all have the capsule wardrobe down pat, but we do know what we consider essential items while on the road. Here’s what Team Khoollect took to the Swedish countryside:

  • Reading materials
    Transit days often involve a couple of waiting around hours. For this reason, a good book is the perfect travel partner.
  • Delicious snacks
    Days spent on trains, planes, buses and automobiles meant snacks were a must-have for keeping energies high.
  • Travel documents
    For obvious reasons, passports and tickets are always at the top of our backpacks when we travel abroad.
  • Beauty and skincare items
    After a long, air-conditioned day of travel, your skin can be a little lacklustre. We packed tiny tubs of coconut oil, little tubes of nourishing skin creams, deodorants and a nice bright lippy to freshen our faces.

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