Rachel Khoo’s tips: 7 gifts for new mums

When a new bundle of joy arrives, often it’s the new mums who can get forgotten when it comes to giving gifts. It’s the little, thoughtful gestures that make a difference to someone in this new and slightly scary stage of life; grand statement gifts are not what’s all about. I’ve put together some suggestions for new mums (at any time of year).

Here are some thoughtful gifts that I truly appreciated when I became a mum recently:

1. A homecooked meal, plus one for the freezer

Having a friend or family member drop around some food means one less thing to think about, and more time to spend with your new family. A voucher for a takeaway delivery would also make lovely treat.

Here are some easy recipe ideas…

Recipe: Vanessa Fletcher’s roast fennel and carrot soup

Recipe: Kate Young’s Macaroni Cheese

Recipe: Smoky beef bean chilli with tortilla crisps

2. A cleaner

A quick hoover and a blitz of the kitchen and bathroom is very welcome when you’re knee deep in night feeds and nappy changes. It could be a one-off treat, or a regular occurrence, but a clean home is the gift of time and a little peace of mind for a new mum.

3. Someone to push the pram for an hour

An hour to have a soak in the tub, a shower and a cat nap can do wonders to make you feel more human again. Better yet, make it two hours.

4. Rejuvenating facial spray

bloom and blossom facial spray

I was given this as a gift and I’ve become hooked. It’s the perfect pick-me-up in the morning. And, trust me, new mums can use a little assistance in the waking up department.

5. A nappy bag that doesn’t look like one

Jem & Bea Beatrice bag

This bag is the James Bond of all nappy bags. It has all the compartments, for the nappy changing mat and bottle warmer et cetera that you would expect of a nappy bag, but it’s disguised as a sleek and stylish carry-all. It was a gift I decided to buy for myself and it ended up being used as a laptop bag before my baby was born.

Read our interview with owner and designer of Jem & Bea, here.

6. A pair of pyjamas

Silk pyjamas Rachel Khoo

Okay, this might be an odd one, so I would only suggest you gift this if you know the mum very well. But I found after a long day it was so nice to change into something luxurious when you went to bed… rather than an old t-shirt and leggings. I bought myself a pair of silk pyjamas. Silk feels super smooth on your skin. Also it’s easier to look after than you think. I could easily wash it in the morning after several baby sick mishaps and it’ll be dry by the evening (cold wash cycle/leave to dry on hanger/no ironing required).

7. A bunch of flowers

Bloom and Wild flowers Khoollect Rachel Khoo

It’s an oldie but a goodie. You simply can’t go wrong with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Bloom and Wild do bunches that fit through the post box so there are no worries about making sure the recipient is in (they also do a subscription service too).

If you’re a mum, or a dad, what gifts did you appreciate when your new family member arrived?





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