Mindful day six: Raw Cheese Power Holy Mountain of Cheese

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Calling all cheese lovers out there! Forged by The Dark Knights of Cholesterol, Raw Cheese Power champion master cheese makers, defending their methods, traditions and flavours from over-processed cheese found on supermarket shelves.

The first Thursday of every month is considered a special day by the chaps at Raw Cheese Power. They hold an event called The Holy Cheese Mountain; with very little imagination required, it’s a humongous pile of cheese, ready to be eaten by fellow cheese fiends.

If it sounds like your sort of heaven, then bag yourself two tickets to the Thursday 2 February event by answering this simple question in the comments section:

What is your favourite type of cheese?

See terms and conditions below.

There’s always tomorrow’s mindful competition giveaway to look forward to, have a look.

This giveaway is open to those with UK addresses only. Giveaway is open for the entire date of Saturday 7 January 2017. Khoollect will notify the winner(s) within two (2) working days of the competition ending. Winner (s) must be able to get themselves to and from the venue on the date specified.

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