Korean beauty products to the rescue

Urbanwit fashion and beauty blogger, Sarah Kate Watson-Baik, shares her top five favourite K-beauty products from the place this Filipina Californian now calls home – Seoul, Korea.

1. Missha Time Revolution – the First Treatment Essence

Korean beauty products to the rescue from Urban Wit

A dupe of SK II’s ferment essence, this product costs about a third of the price and doesn’t contain any nasty parabens. A nice product for brighting and anti-ageing.

 2. Vant 36.5 and Hera’s Age Reverse

Korean beauty products to the rescue by Urban Wit

These are both favourite cushion compacts of mine. Hera Age Reverse is a liquid foundation in a cushion compact, that also includes anti-ageing essence and sunblock. The finish is clean and slightly dewy in a ‘Korean celebrity’ kind of way. So convenient to throw in your purse and touch up later in the day. These days, I only ever wear professional long-wearing foundations when I’m doing TV or big events.

3. Etude House – Look At My Eyes

Korean beauty products to the rescue from Urban Wit
These wonderful eyeshadows are from Korea’s cutest beauty brand, Etude House. The formula and range of colours is great. This brand has a large following of collectors and fans, so there’s always new colours and products to look out for.

4. Sheet Masks

Korean beauty products to the rescue

I love sheet masks. In their most basic form, they are a paper mask soaked in essence/serum. You wear them on your face for 10-40 minutes after cleansing and toning. I’m really into the hydrogel or biocellulous versions that are like jelly sheets for your face. I tend to use the upper range from brands such as Innisfree, Etude House, MediHeal, and Hushu that contain more active ingredients. If you use one a day for a week you will have a new face.

5. Banila Co – Clean It Zero

Korean beauty products to the rescue from Urban Wit
Koreans really love oil cleansing as part of a two-step skin cleansing process after wearing makeup. Clean It Zero is a balm that dissolves your makeup. It washes off super easy unlike other oil cleansers.

Editor’s Note: Sarah chooses to refer to herself as Filipina Californian.

Read more about Sarah Kate Watson-Baik and how she got her start in the Korean fashion world. You might also want to check out her list of favourite Asian fashion designers.

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