The little things: small changes for a happier you

What small changes can we all make to be happier people? Samantha Clarke has travelled the world and with her fascination for people, culture and relationships as a foundation, now delivers lectures and workshops to inspire people to be their best.

Khoollect met the happiness consultant (bona fide job title) at The School of Life in London and instantly took a shine to her enlightening words. Here, she shares the questions we should be asking ourselves to spur positive change:


I think we have to ask ourselves some questions and figure out how we can ‘get comfortable with being uncomfortable’ when it comes to finding work or a career we love that will make us happy.

Ask yourself: what do you really want to be and what is your purpose in life?

What are you willing to accept, even love, in your current work journey that will make it a slightly happier experience?

Does your job or work represent the person you are today and contribute to the person you want to become?


In this life I think the journey is best summed up by a quote from travel writer, Tim Cahill: ‘A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.’

Think about your support and friendship system: where is the happiness in each relationship?

Who might you need to forgive or make peace with so that you can build a better relationship with yourself and them?

What would happen if you said ‘yes’ more, how could it increase your happiness?


‘I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read,’ wrote Oscar Wilde. You only get one life and while it’s not possible or right to be super happy all day every day, how can you make sure you are living to the fullest?

Think about how you can be grateful for all the incredible things in your life. What is the current health of your mind, body and soul and where do you need to pay more attention to increase your levels of happiness?

When did you last take the time to soak up all the sensory experiences that your life has to offer?

Do you know what your days feel, smell, taste or sound like?

What are you currently filling your life, mind, wardrobe and time with … and is it nourishing, energising, gleeful, or causing unease?

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