Meet The Bakers Behind Sugar-Free Vegan Treats: Nicely Kitchen

Whether you’re vegan or not, there’s a certain satisfaction in indulging in a sugar-free vegan treat. It might taste incredibly good, but there’s comfort in knowing it’s plant-based and a little lighter on the calories! This week we’ve decided to shine our spotlight on the kind and clever folk from Nicely Kitchen, Natasha Fernandes Anjo and James Taylor. Natasha told us all about their vegan, sugar-free food business.

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Tell us little about yourself & what you do …
I’m a baker, and my partner James and I own Nicely Kitchen. We create dreamy, refined-sugar-free, vegan treats. We have two dogs Blue and Barry.

Where in the world do you live?
We live in South Manchester in Altrincham, I grew up here before I moved to London – it’s a bit strange being back, but it has changed a lot since I was little and it has allowed me to have two dogs, and start a business, so it’s not all bad!

Which places must we visit in South Manchester?
The charity shops are amazing; pretty much all my crockery and plant pots are from there, and there are so many hidden gems in all of them!

What do you collect?
Pink glass and house plants are the way to my heart!

Favourite recipe?
My tomato sauce recipe – it’s pretty basic but every time I would make it my Grandma would say “you should sell this” and now I love to make to make it to remind me of her.

Favourite book?
I have only successfully read one book more than once: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I read it totally 5 or 6 times and each time I found something different in it. I’m not a great reader!

Favourite local coffee shop?
I love Common Ground, because they make a really great oat latte. And The Garden in Hale is a dream too – everyone who works there is so lovely! I can take my dogs to both and they always pull to go in when we’re close, so they must be good!”

One item you can’t live without?
Annoyingly, I’ll have to say my phone because I’m always late or lost, or trying to reply to an email. But I’m always loosing or forgetting it so that doesn’t really work out either!

Perfect day off?
Wake up late-morning miraculously on a beach, unlimited frozen margaritas, have a really great idea, get a tan, but then it’s night time and I’m back in my house on the sofa with my dogs watching Eastenders eating something in pastry. That’s the dream!

Who inspires you?
Anyone brave enough to go against the grain.

If you weren’t a baker, what would you be?
A candlestick maker!… or a nutritionist and maybe one of those glam babes whose job is to go on holiday for Instagram?!

Celebrity/icon you’d most like for dinner?
100% it would have to be Solange so she could teach me some dance moves and we could swap hair tips.

Best advice you’ve ever received?
My Grandma always told me to be kind and don’t wish your life away, and my mum has always taught us to be ourselves. They are the biggest babes so how could I not listen?!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever recieved, Khoollectors?

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