‘Each design has a story’ — Meet Marek Jankovskij of Funky Fellas

Everyone needs little a little colour in their lives; and what better place to start than from the feet? Funky Fellas is a relatively young socks brand launched by designer Marek Jankovskij and architect Tadas Pangonis. There’s something rather charming about the, with their playful design style and wonderfully fun colour palette. If Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry had a love child it would probably look like Funky Fellas.

The opportunity to enter this duo’s colourful world and learn more about the brand was something we could not miss. So, we grabbed Marek out of his busy schedule to have a little chat about the brand and its aesthetic…

What led you to start Funky Fellas?

Tadas and I met in an architecture firm. At that time I had an idea of creating funky socks. He liked the idea and we decided to start a small project.

Where do you get your inspiration for the designs?

After university, I did a couple of months of travelling, and was sketching the sites and writing down the stories and ideas. When I came back to London I was looking for ways to express those ideas.

What’s your favourite design?

I guess my favourite design is Space pa (ocean green/dark purple).funky-fellas1What is the production process of the products?

We manufacture a limited batch of socks for each design. Once we sell them we would then look into new designs. We found a small family-run factory in Lithuania. We use high-quality cotton; the cotton comes from Turkey. Usually, I send the designs as a pixel drawing and then they take it from there. It takes quite a few processes in order to make one pair of socks.

What makes Funky Fellas special?

I guess it’s the designs we make. Each design has a story illustrated.

What are the plans for the brand in 2017?

This year we will look for more places to showcase our product and think about new designs.

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