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Even for the most low-maintenance people among us, the beauty cabinet (or make-up bag) is a place that can soon become over-crowded with creams, oils and products that we don’t even remember purchasing. We pick up samples, receive gifts or try a new lipstick hue that’s on offer; and in the space of a year or two, you’ve got a build-up of items you simply never use.

Perhaps you got carried away having watched a YouTuber demonstrating their contouring skills, or maybe you bought a bottle of foundation while you still had a post-vacation tan (and now you’re two shades lighter); either way, your bathroom or bedside can be a minimalist’s nightmare begging for a clear-out.

Just as we curate capsule wardrobes, your beauty cabinet should reflect the things you use most often. Sure, you might want a little extra make-up on hand for special occasions, but having a smaller collection of beauty items will prove to be money-saving, space-saving, waste-reducing and can make your morning routines so much more efficient.

If you’d like to clean out your beauty cabinet, consider the following tips:

  • Use it or lose it: the expiry dates on your beauty products often arrive a lot sooner than you realise. It’s important to observe the shelf life of your products (particularly anything medicated), and remember that products that directly make contact with your skin (think pots of moisturiser, coconut oil and lipsticks) need to be updated more regularly for hygiene purposes. It’s also a great idea to read labels for storage advice, in case you’re required to keep items away from the sun or in a cool place.
  • Think like a traveller: think about the essentials you pack when you’re taking only a carry-on bag on holiday. It’s moments like these that you can determine what you actually use. And, if you haven’t used a product in the past six months, it’s not likely you’ll continue to use it.
  • Waste not: If you’re replacing your current products with new ones, it’s best to use up what you’ve got first, to avoid creating unnecessary waste. And, once you’ve finished a product, you can clean out bottles to be recycled (rather than leaving little dregs of foundation in your cabinet for ‘just in case’ moments).
  • Keep your equipment clean: By regularly cleaning your make-up brushes, beauty sponges and other beauty tools, you can ensure you won’t need to replace them for years. You’ll be surprised just how much make-up these tools can soak up in even a week. Make a routine of washing and drying your brushes and sponges, and you’ll find they will last much longer.
  • Storage matters: Once you’ve determined which of your products you actually use and which make you feel your best, store them efficiently. If you use a drawer, line it with dividers to categorise your products. This will make pre-work routines and going out at the last minute much breezier. If you use shelves in a cabinet to store your goods, line products up with the labels facing you, so that each piece of your collection is easier to find. Make-up, particularly a powdered product, that is rolling around loosely, is bound to break up or spill out, so it’s best to avoid having too much room for movement in your drawers. And, before you pack your essentials away after your clean-out, give your storage space a wipe down so everything’s kept sparkling and fresh … just like your skin.


What are your tips for cleaning out your beauty cabinet? Comment below …

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