Khoollect tips: adding more colour to your outfit

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In reference to her fellow New Yorkers, #khoollectcrush Iris Apfel once said, ‘Downtown they think they’re stylish, but they all wear black. That’s not really style, that’s a uniform.’ And, although you’ll catch the Khoollect team donning the all-black uniform from time to time, we’re particularly tickled by colours in their brightest shades. Loud colours brighten not only our outfits, but our moods too. Here are our tips for adding more colour to your outfit:

Keep it cool 

We’re suckers for shouty explosions of colour; but if vibrantly decorated attire isn’t your thing, opt for muted, cooler tones. Think light-coloured denim garments complemented with warmer-hued accessories. Try simple throw-on pieces, like scarves, jewelry or fun sock-and-shoe combination. Put colours where you mightn’t expect to find them; try pinning a cluster of cute badges on a plainer jacket, for example.

How to add colour to your wardrobe

Pump up the patterns

Whether you prefer stripes, polka-dots, geometric shapes, or perhaps floral prints, adding a patterned piece to our outfit can be a great way to incorporate more colour into your look. Take the subtle route and put a patterned tee under a pinafore, jumpsuit or simple jacket. Or, if you’re feeling particularly playful, test out the ol’ print clash: pair palm-print trousers with a striped top for a spontaneous, thrown-together ensemble.

Paint it on

Cheer your hands up with a shining coat of nail polish (opt for colours that make you happy!), and slap on a layer of lipstick to brighten your smile. Keep your favourite shade in your handbag for those days when you need a colourful pick-me-up. Not into make-up? Try slipping a bright handkerchief into your blazer pocket, or wearing a warmer coloured shirt under a cooler coloured jumper.

How do you like to add more colour to your look?

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